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TheConnectedBusiness: Moonlight Mountain Gear AS

The ski season is approaching and a company located in Burfjord (pop. 600), a small town north of Troms in Norway, is getting ready to equip enthusiastic skiers from all over the planet. During the winter there is no sunlight … Read more

TheConnectedBusiness: Ope AS

Ope AS was started by two Norwegian furniture designers, Lars Urheim and Eirik Høvik Helgesen, whose vision was to reshape the furniture industry to create more ”living”, sustainable homes. The idea was based on simplicity; to create a modular shelf … Read more

TheConnectedBusiness: Corkini

A visit to Portugal in the ‘80s introduced Ragnhild Strandbakken to the versatility of cork, known to most of us as stoppers for wine bottles or as an insulator. Fast forward almost 40 years, and today Ragnhild runs an online … Read more

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