Nettsport sells equipment for shooting sports, including air guns and camouflage equipment. We talked to Espen Haaland, the founder of Nettsport.

“Use applications that help you save time. A good application can quickly save you a year worth of work.”

Hi, Espen! What does your business do?
Nettsport is a webshop and a retail shop in Lillesand, Norway. We deliver equipment for shooting sports and have exclusive rights on products we import to other retail shops around the country. We also deliver equipment to the military and the police, for example air guns for training. We also work with security companies providing tactical equipment.

When did the business start?
Nettsport was established in 2006.

What inspired you to start your business?
My business partner and I were both sport shooting enthusiasts. To work with our passion has been a great motivation. Our hobby has become our work.

From Nettsports retail store in Lillesand

How many people does your business employ today?
We are two full time employees, and get extra help during our high season from May to September

What is the secret of your success or the best business decision you made?
The products we launched with proved very popular in the market. This was mostly based on our own experience. Having been involved with this as a hobby, we had a good idea of what the sport shooting community wanted. We also quickly established good contacts with leading producers in the industry.

Biggest lesson learned or what advice would you give someone starting up?
Do not count on making a profit in the beginning. Remember that VAT will have to be paid eventually. Use applications that help you save time. A good applications can quickly save you a year worth of work.

Also, watch your bottom line closely. And lastly, never give up, even if you get turned down by some people.

Which apps do you connect and how has it helped your business?
ConnectMyApps helps us transfering data from our Mystore webshop to Visma eAccounting. We also use Proteria to transfer shipping orders to Mystore, a online chatting service on our webpage and online access to the National Registry. To be licensed to sell weapons, we are required to ensure that the customer is at least 18 years old. To buy weapons with a caliber over 4.5mm, the customer needs to apply to the police. They need to demonstrate a good reputation and have no criminal record to get permission to buy those guns in Norway.


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