Running a successful retail store ”in the middle of nowhere” shouldn’t be possible, right? But for Per Magnus Pedersen, being located deep in the forest hasn’t been a disadvantage. From the village of Sokna (pop. 558), outside Hønefoss, Norway, Jæger og Hund has successfully grown from a specialty business his parents started in 1982 into a thriving e-commerce business today.

”The old saying “location, location, location” isn’t so relevant anymore, at least not in physical sense. A good online solution along with good integration options makes it possible to sell to customers from anywhere.”

Hi Per Magnus! Can you tell us when you started your business?
Jæger og Hund (”Hunter and Dog”) was established by my parents in 1982. I have worked in the company all my life and after graduation I got ”stuck” in the firm in the late 90’s. It started as a dog kennel and hunting shop, but since then the focus has been on developing and producing dog equipment for hunting and utility dogs. In the last few years we’ve added the installation of Promatic clay traps on shooting ranges and control systems.

When and where did the business start?
It was founded in 1982. We formed an AS (Limited company) in 2005.

What was the inspiration for your business and what changes have you made since taking over?
As mentioned, the company was started when I was a boy. I’ve always had a real interest in hunting and shooting. Previously, we produced all of the products here in the village, but as demand increased and the possibility to keep up production in Norway disappeared, we had to search for other manufacturers. Today, we manufacture almost all of our products in Lithuania.

How many people does your business employ today?
We’re three people…we run a tight ship!

Per Magnus Pedersen

What is the secret of your success or best business decision you made?
Common sense suggests it would not really be possible to run a shop where we live, deep in the woods. But hard work, a long and well-established customer base and the right products help! And then it’s important to use the channels that are available. The old saying “location, location, location” isn’t so relevant, at least not in physical sense. A good online solution along with good integration options makes it possible to sell to customers from anywhere.

What is the biggest lesson learned or what advice would you give someone starting up?
It may sound old-fashioned, but you have to be willing to put in many, many hours of work to achieve what you dream about. And then I think it’s important to build brick by brick. Risk tolerance is good, but if the foundation is weak, you won’t create a lasting business.

Which apps do you connect and how has it helped your business?
I use 24Nettbutikk which is a fantastic online webshop partner, along with 24SevenOffice as my ERP. ConnectMyApps ensures seamless order flow from the webshop to my accounts. ConnectMyApps has been very helpful with the integration solution. This, of course, saves me a lot of time by getting the orders right into my accounting system, and although it’s a new solution for me, I’m also sure that this will make my work much more efficient and help save a lot in accounting expenses.

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