In the first of our series of customer profiles, we meet Hanne Solhaug, owner of Norwegian e-commerce company Garnkurven (”The Knitting Basket”).


Hi Hanne! Can you tell us what your business does?
I sell yarn, needles and accessories for knitting and crochet in my webshop at

When and where was your business started?
I registered the company 11 years ago in Norway, mainly to learn what it is like to run a small business. The last couple of years it has grown steadily.

What inspired you to start your own e-commerce company?
I have been knitting for many years. The business started selling knitted gifts, and gradually started to sell yarn and then needles and everything else related.

How many people are employed in your business today?
Only me so far, but I am just starting to get some help for photography and packing.

What is the secret of your success or best business decision you made?
Last year I rented warehouse space and moved everything out of my house. That gave me more space, and the possibility to increase my stock. That lead to increased sales, so it was a good decision even if it was a bit scary at first.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned or what advice would you give someone starting up?
Treat your business as a real business even if you start out small. Having good routines from the start makes it easier to grow. Also, there are lots of resources out there, you don’t have to invent the wheel all over again or do everything yourself.

Which apps do you connect and how has integration helped your business?
I use ConnectMyApps to connect our webshop from 24Nettbutikk with my accounting system, Visma eAccounting. It saves me a lot of time, as I no longer have to manually enter all the information for every sale.