A recent BBC article asked the question of whether business productivity apps were more hype than help. While the article focused on smart phone apps, the question can be extended to business software applications. In fact, some of the examples in the article, such as Trello and Evernote, are also desktop apps.

But it raises an interesting point. Are businesses that use a greater number of software applications more efficient, or does application overload reduce business productivity?

Proliferation of line-of-business applications
There’s no question that businesses are now relying on more applications. Today even the smallest business probably uses three or more apps, and many mid-size companies use five to ten different applications. Especially since cloud computing took off, the number and type of applications has exploded, with an app available for almost any line-of-business task you can think of.

While these apps may make an individual process more efficient, the overall effect across the company is that many hours are spent entering the same data into several different applications, or searching for records across different systems. In many cases, even a small team can waste days each month on unnecessary data entry.

The chart below illustrates how business productivity can be affected by ‘’application overload’’.

Infographic_Do apps make SMBs more productive


Integration: Bringing IT all together.
Today, application integration platforms like ConnectMyApps are enabling SMBs to get the full potential from their IT tools and helping win the battle against needless data entry!

Whether your business uses several ‘’best of breed’’ apps or an ‘’all-in-one’’ ERP system together with specialist apps for certain business processes (e.g. ecommerce, payroll, point of sale), integration platforms now make it easy and affordable to have joined up systems and a more productive business.