The online sales high season is upon us so it’s time to get your webshop ready for Cyber Monday! We have made a guide to e-commerce best practice with insights and advice from some of Norway’s leading e-commerce experts including Google Norway, Bring,, Convert and Inevo. If you don’t have time to download it, we’ve summarized some key points below.

  • Trustworthiness of your webshop is key so make your customers feel safe when buying on your shop.
  • Run your webshop like a retail store. Keep it tidy, ensure you have stock and make the customer journey intuitive, including on mobile.
  • Be visible with your marketing through multiple channels and devices. Ads that are time, behaviour, location and context relevant will significantly increase conversions.
  • Integrate your webshop with your accounting and other key software to make your business more efficient and avoid wasting days each month on manual data entry.
  • Data analysis is vital and becoming more sophisticated, so get familiar with tools like Google Analytics.

Key factors in choice of webshop
As well as the golden rules above, below are the key factors in the choice of online store according to research from Bring eHandel:

1. Trustworthy, safe & secure
2. Easy payment options
3. Detailed product information
4. Clear delivery options
5. Low price products
6. Free return and exchange
7. Free delivery

Main obstacles to purchase
When it comes to customers not buying on your webshop, the three biggest obstacles to purchase are:

1. Hard to find the right size, particularly for clothes and shoes
2. Unsure about the right to return products or how to do it
3. Required to register for the site before purchase

Trends in ecommerce
E-commerce is a fast moving industry, so here are four trends to watch out for:

1. More complex customer journeys
2. Integration of webshops and physical retail stores
3. Deeper use of data for analysis and insight
4. More globalized e-commerce

Don’t forget you can get many more tips and insights in our free ecommerce guide here.