Established in 2006, Relokator is Norway’s largest provider of moving services, project management and office furniture assembly, with around 90 staff and expected 125 MNOK turnover in 2015. With nationwide operations, they manage the office moving projects for some of the biggest organizations in Norway.

Relokator focus heavily on cost management and making admin processes more efficient through automation. Working with ConnectMyApps, they recently integrated their most important systems including Xledger, SuperOffice, Visma Lønn (Payroll) and a bespoke SQL application.

This involved a combination of ConnectMyApps’ off-the-shelf integrations and ConnectMyApps developing custom integrations.

Robert Bansal, Chief Financial Officer for Relokator, outlines the main benefits of integration for Relokator:

  • Save 20-30 hours each week on admin and data entry etc
    ”Integration makes us more efficient and lets us automate time-consuming manual admin processes. We save 20-30 hours per week on data entry and importing files. Not bad for a department of three people!’
  • Less mistakes and more reliable data
    ”We are also considerably reducing the risk of mistakes so we have more confidence that the data in our systems is accurate.”
  • Improved security
    ”Another key benefit for us is improved security, as most data is no longer possible to delete or change after it’s approved or invoiced.”


Connecting applications, no matter where they are
”ConnectMyApps allows us to integrate our critical business applications and databases wherever they are – in the cloud or installed on-premise, as well as connecting our applications to external systems used by our accountant and bank.”

”We had looked at integrating our systems before, but the cost and time involved was prohibitive. Our accountants, Amesto AccountHouse, then introduced us to ConnectMyApps. Using their standard integrations and some made specifically for us, we were able to connect our core systems considerably faster and at a lower cost than with other options.”

The applications Relokator connected were:

  • Xledger: Financials, time recording, projects and employee records
  • SuperOffice CRM: Sales & customer service and project management
  • Bespoke SQL database application: Calculate invoices and sales commisson
  • Visma Lønn: Payroll, used externally by their accountant
  • DNB Factoring: External bank system for invoice factoring

Relokator-illustration final

Relokator integration descriptions


  • Synchronize customers: When customers are added or changed in SuperOffice CRM, they are added or changed in Xledger.
  • Sychronize projects: When projects are created in SuperOffice, they are created in Xledger for invoicing.


  • Synchronize customers, suppliers, price lists, products, timesheets: Data on Customers, Suppliers, Price lists, Products and Timesheets that are created or updated in Xledger are synced with their SQL application for invoice and commission calculation.
  • Create invoices in Xledger from the data in SQL database: Calculations for commission and project invoice values are transferred from the SQL application to Xledger for invoicing.

Next phase

  • Synchronize employee lists from Xledger to SQL databse
  • Transfer financial transactions from Xledger to SQL database for customized management reports


  • Transfer payroll: After each payroll run is processed by their accountant in Visma Lønn, the file is transferred to Xledger.

Next phase

  • Transfer timesheets from Xledger to Visma Lønn


  • Send invoices for factoring: Invoice details are extracted from Xledger and transferred to DNB as a file for factoring. The integration sends these automatically in the format required by the factoring system.


Summary: Benefits of integration for Relokator

  • Saves 20-30 hours per week on manual data entry
  • Reduces risk of errors in billing projects with detailed components
  • It ensures consistent, accurate information across their core systems
  • Lets management make more informed decisions with up-to-date data always available
  • Automates sales, invoicing, time recording, project management & payroll processes
  • Work more effectively with their accountant as they don’t need to email Excel files to each other as frequently