In this BusinessMinded article, video expert Jason Falk from Flowmotion Digital gives tips on how to quickly and inexpensively start using video to improve your company’s marketing.

At the end of 2014 various articles did the rounds proclaiming 2015 would be ‘the year of video marketing’. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen, but video usage in marketing is certainly increasing and currently shows no sign of slowing down.

Video usage is increasing because it works. Generally, people prefer to passively watch a video than actively read text. But more importantly for marketers, video offers a far greater opportunity to track user engagement and interaction over text-based content. The marketing benefits of video include:

– performs well in search rankings
– is easily and often shared
– can fulfil a role in almost any type of marketing communication

For smaller businesses video is both an opportunity and a threat. The opportunity lies in adopting this marketing practice early, before the noise levels increase considerably. The threat lies in doing nothing and watching your competitors – and their videos – grab the attention of your target market.


Get started with video marketing

The first place to start is with YouTube. Forget anything negative you may have heard about YouTube, the simple fact is you need to be there. As the 2nd most used search engine after Google, you cannot afford to make any other decision. All brands should have discoverable content on YouTube.

Creating a well-branded YouTube channel with clear structure is your first task. If you are new to YouTube then there are companies offering channel creation services for less than £2000 which is affordable for most businesses, and it is a one-off cost.

Smartbedrift YouTube channel

The Visma Mamut Smart Bedrift YouTube channel has a wide range of videos and clear corporate branding


Curation not Creation

Whilst many believe that to be ‘on YouTube’ requires the production (Creation) of video content, in fact, this is not true. There are literally millions of videos on YouTube covering every possible subject and there are over 100 hours of new videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube’s Terms and Conditions allow any YouTube user to feature any YouTube video within their own YouTube cannel (Curation).

This presents a great opportunity for businesses to have a content-rich, highly relevant presence on YouTube, without the need to invest heavily in video production activities. Having one or more videos to upload is best practice, but you can get going without producing anything at all.


Featuring video on your website

Most YouTube videos can also be featured on your website using an embed code that can be copied and pasted from YouTube. If you upload them yourself then you have access to a decent set of video analytic tools so you can start to understand how that video is performing both on YouTube itself and when embedded on your own pages.

Whilst it is true that YouTube is not an ideal publishing solution for companies (something I will explain in a future post) it is a great start, especially as it costs nothing to use.

So there you have it. The best way to get started in video marketing is to do the obvious. Get a YouTube channel!


Useful tips:
1) Create a YouTube channel that is assigned to a business email address rather than a personal employee’s address e.g.

2) Search YouTube for useful, relevant, non-competitive content. For example, if you make Skis look for resort guides, how-to videos, equipment reviews etc.

3) Create a channel using sections to feature content.

4) Embed some videos on your site – preferably videos you have uploaded (and therefore own the rights to the content).

5) Sign-up to be a YouTube partner to enable all features – but remember to turn off monetisation on each video to make sure Ads do not display on your videos and distract your audience.

6) Measure performance using YouTube Analytics


YouTube analytics

YouTube has powerful analytical tools to measure the performance of your videos


Check out these great YouTube channels for inspiration:


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About Jason Falk
Jason is Managing Director of Flowmotion Digital. He has worked with video marketing since 1996 when he placed the first video demo of a PlayStation game on a CD and distributed it on the cover of a magazine. Jason has held positions at BP, Peugeot, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Babelfish, Mamut and Visma Software International.

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