Like any good business person, Santa is always looking for ways to run his workshop better. Read on to see how ConnectMyApps helps Santa save time, money and ensure Christmas goes smoothly.

Mrs Claus does the books for Santa’s workshop using an accounting program. This lets her see how the business is doing financially, so the only figure she needs to worry about is Santa’s. Even in the North Pole tax returns have to be filed, and if you think your taxman is cold, theirs is positively Frosty.

ACCOUNTS 001 final

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
If your customer database had hundreds of millions of demanding clients in almost every town in the world, you’d be using a CRM system too. It lets Santa record who’s been naughty or nice, keep track of when kids move house and remember VIPs (Very Important Parents).

CRM 002 final

Load sleigh. Fly to house. Find correct stocking. Climb down chimney. Put presents under tree. Climb up chimney. Feed reindeers. Fly to next house. Repeat hundreds of millions of times in 24 hours. Yep, Santa’s a busy guy on Christmas eve, so he uses project management software to ensure things go smoothly.

PROJECT 003 final

Santa’s workshop is the very definition of a seasonal business. So like any good business person, he’s using new sales channels to increase orders throughout the year, not just high season. To do that, he recently set up a webshop so now he can take orders 24/7/365, no matter where he is.

WEBSHOP 004 final

Point of Sale (POS)
The Easter Bunny and Toothfairy are ruthless competitors, so Santa is rebranding his Grotto retail outlets to appeal to the kids of today. His new Igloo Stores are literally very cool, with a white minimalist design and touchscreen Point Of Sale software, so checkout is fast and easy, even with little elf fingers.

POS 005 final

On Christmas eve Santa’s workshop is filled with literally billions of inventory items. That’s a lot of rows in Excel! He recently implemented a stock control program to ensure the right presents go in the right stocking. Heaven forbid he picks the wrong doll or forgets to include batteries for that remote control car.

INVENTORY 006 final

The elves don’t work for free, and being close to Scandinavia, the North Pole has strict employment law and high minimum wages. Admittedly the elves don’t earn much from January to November, but their Christmas bonus is spectacular. Mrs Claus uses payroll software to ensure their little helpers get paid correctly.

PAYROLL 007 final

Reindeers are cute but they’re not very smart animals, easily distracted on a foggy Christmas eve. To keep them focused, Mrs Claus gets them to complete timesheets in her time tracking software. It lets her see how they use their time and identify process bottlenecks, so Christmas runs as smooth as a sleigh on snow.

TIMESHEETS 008 final

Customer Support
If you think customer complaints are difficult to deal with, try handling millions of grumpy kids and exhausted, frustrated parents the day after Christmas! That’s why Mrs Claus uses helpdesk software to ensure support tickets are recorded and resolved with the least number of tears and temper tantrums.

HELPDESK 009 final

Santa likes to personally reply to all his fans, but hand-writing to hundreds of millions of kids is time consuming and painful. Now he uses email marketing software to send automatic confirmations when he receives wish lists, as well as segmenting mass email blasts and personalizing Christmas greetings.

EMAIL 010 final