Our vision for ConnectMyApps is to be the most powerful, and at the same time, easiest to use integration platform for small and mid-size businesses. A big task no doubt, but something we believe we have achieved. As part of this we have made some usability improvements in the new version of the platform, making it simpler to get set up and run.

Simplified Workflow Wizard
The Workflow Wizard has been simplified from 6 steps down to just 3 steps, so it’s faster and easier to connect your apps, while still offering powerful customization options. It is also easier to see the applications available with the updated look and feel in the new wizard.

Improvements in the new version

The Workflow Wizard has been simplified from 6 steps to just to 3 steps


Setting Default Values
Registering applications and choosing workflows in the Workflow Wizard remains the same, the only change being a cleaner interface making it easier to navigate.

The main change in the Workflow Wizard is in the Customization step. Here, you now have three options: Default Values, Filters, and Advanced Customization. Please note the Advanced Customization option is only available in the Connect Unlimited plan.

Default Values are the standard settings required to run a workflow. For example, if you are connecting a CRM system to an email marketing system, ConnectMyApps needs to know which mailing list to assign new contacts to by default, such as the “New Products” list shown in the screenshot below. Similarly, if you are connecting a Webshop to an Accounting or Invoicing app, ConnectMyApps needs to know the default tax rate to put on invoices.

We have mapped all the obvious fields between your applications for you, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, as each business is different, there are usually a few settings you need to define. These are mandatory, with a red asterix next to them on the Default Values page. But don’t worry, it’s simple and we have added more extensive on-screen Help options to guide you through the process.

Improvements in the new version

It is now faster and easier to set Default Mappings and Filters


Setting Filters
The interface for setting Filters has changed, though the way they work remains the same i.e. they exclude records that match the criteria set in the filter from being transferred from one app to another as part of a workflow.

For example, if you filter contact records from your CRM where the field “IsSupplier” equals “True”, then any contact records tagged as a supplier will be filtered out and not transferred.

As in the previous version, ConnectMyApps understands when a field is a text field or dropdown box field, and allows you to filter accordingly, either by typing in text to test against, or selecting a dropdown box value. However, to make it easier to understand which field is which and what filter to use, the new version has split filters in two groups: Text Field Filters and Dropdown Box Filters.

In your app some fields on a record are text fields, where you can type in what you like e.g. “Name”, “PhoneNumber”, “Organisation Number”. Other fields are dropdown box fields, where you select from a list rather than typing text e.g. “TaxCode”, “Currency”, “ProductCategory”.

With Text Field Filters you type in the value to test against and select whether to match it exactly, or if it is greater than, less then, etc.

With Dropdown Box Filters, you select the value from the permitted values in the dropdown box. One key difference from the last version is you can now select multiple items from a dropdown box in one filter. For example, if you want to filter contact records where the “Invoice_Address_Country” equals either “Afghanistan”, “Anguilla” or “Albania” you can do it with one filter (see screenshot), whereas in the previous version you needed to create a filter for each one. This makes it faster to set up and easier to understand.

Improvements in the new version

Filters are separated into Text Fields and Dropdown Box Fields to make it easier to set.


We hope you like the improvements in the new version of ConnectMyApps, but let us know what you think.