Conditional logic, sometimes called ‘if this, then that’ rules, is an advanced customization tool that lets you customize your integrations. This lets you tailor workflows to fit even complex business processes.

In this example we will use 24SevenOffice ERP software as our Source App together with Xero accounts as our Destination App. Let’s imagine you are a UK company which invoices both domestic and overseas customers in several countries, and you want to set the relevant currency for each invoice depending on the country.

Using the advanced customization tools in ConnectMyApps, you could specify that ‘If billing country’ in your source app – ‘Equals’ – ‘Norway’ in your source app – ‘Then Default Currency’ in your destination app – ‘Equals’ – ‘Norwegian Kroner’. You could then set another conditional logic rule where if the billing country equals ‘USA’, you change the default currency to US Dollars. Now, all your invoices to US customers will automatically be in dollars and invoices for Norwegian customers will be in kroner.

All fields in the dropdown menu are read dynamically from your own application, including any custom fields you have added. Therefore, if you have set up several different currencies in your accounting system, these will be available from the dropdown menu. To set conditional logic rules simply follow the steps below.


1. Choose the field in your Source app that you want to apply a rule based on, such as ‘Address Invoice Country’.

Customize your integrations

Select the field in the Source app to apply the rule to.


2. Choose one of the operator statements: ‘Equals/Does Not Equal’, ‘Contains/Does Not Contain’, ‘Is Greater Than/Is Less Than’, or ‘Starts With/Ends With’.

Customize your integrations

Choose an operator statement.


3. Choose another field from your source app to create the criteria for the action. For example, ‘If – Address Invoice Country – Equals – Norway’

Customize your integrations

Choose a second field in your Source app to create the criteria for the rule.


4. Select the relevant field in your destination that you want the rule to apply to, such as the Currency Code e.g. ‘If – Address Invoice Country – Equals – Norway – then Currency Code equals’

Customize your integrations

Select the field in your Destination app you want the rule to apply to.


5. Lastly, set the value that should be applied to the above field in your destination app, such as a currency e.g. ‘If – Invoice Country – Equals – Norway – then Currency Code equals – Norwegian Kroner’

Customize your integrations

Finish the rule by setting the value that should be applied when the criteria are met.


You can add as many conditional logic rules as you want, simply click the green New+ button.

Where possible the options in the dropdown boxes are read dynamically from the options you have set up in your applications. For example, if you have set up 6 different currencies – British Pounds, Euro, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner, Danish Kroner, US Dollars – these will appear in your dropdown menu options. Other fields allow you to enter text using the “text” function depending on the type of data required. More details can be found in our Knowledge Base

With conditional logic rules in ConnectMyApps it is easy to customize your integrations to fit your specific processes.