Blue skies, warm breeze, light fluffy clouds, the bright sun glistening off the ocean, the smell of a BBQ…as a small business owner you want your time off to enjoy the weather too, but you most likely also want to boost sales over summer.

Here’s the good news: it’s easy to make money in the summertime.

Just because most people go on holiday doesn’t mean sales have to stop. In fact, summer campaigns can provide a great boost to your sales, whether you are selling B2B or B2C. But the important thing is to actually run a campaign and promote it. For example, if you provide IT services for local businesses, you could email all your clients and prospects a discount offer on a data backup service if they try it over the summer months.

Assuming you have decided to run a summer marketing campaign, here are three tips on how to make it a success.

Use happy, upbeat, cheerful imagery and marketing copy in your campaigns
Any serious research will show you that happy people tend to be more relaxed about purchasing decisions. This is why soft drink commercials show happy teens hitting up sandy beaches and music festivals, and not overworked office workers using a caffeinated beverage to get through their exhausting day.

Boost sales over summer

Use happy, cheerful images in your campaign


Use brighter imagery (lots of yellows and oranges) in your marketing, use more upbeat language, talk about the social side of summer, talk about the freedom that comes with the season and the agreeable weather, and focus on the emotional benefits of what you offer.

Find a summer-friendly demographic
If your product appeals to younger people, consider the fact that almost everyone between the ages of six and twenty six has three months off of school or college right now, and who has more disposable income than someone who isn’t paying their own bills yet?

This isn’t an option for everyone, of course. It’s hard to sell a mobility scooter to an 18 year old, but you can talk up the benefits that such a product will offer a mobility-challenged person who wants to go on vacation. Likewise, a day care business can offer special deals for parents who need a place to put their summer-vacationing kids during the workday.

When summertime rolls around, ask yourself this question: What demographic needs what you’re selling now more than ever?

Take advantage of social events
The summertime might be the most sociable time of the year. The wintertime holiday spirit may bring us closer together… in spirit, but physically, we’re all bundled up inside trying to stay warm.

In the summertime you have BBQs, music festivals, fairs and so on. People are outdoors, hanging out and talking to one another. Make sure you are where your customers are. For example, if you’re running a craft-brewery or selling sunglasses, you should consider renting a booth at relevant outdoor events.

This doesn’t apply to every business, not everybody is going to hire a plumber just because they met them at a BBQ, but don’t ignore outdoor events that attract your kind of clients.

What this all comes down to be simple: The smartest thing you can do to market over the summer is to find happy people and make them happier.

Photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc