In our first ‘How To’ post we showed how to add an application. The next step is to set up a ConnectMyApps workflow, which is the data or record that will be transferred between the apps. To describe workflows in another way, they are the individual business processes or tasks you want to automate.

Typical workflows include:
• When contacts are updated in your CRM software, sync it with your email marketing software
• When invoices are created in your CRM transfer them into your Accounting software
• Transfer daily sales from your Point of Sale software to your Accounting or CRM software
• When new orders are created in your webshop, sync the details to your ERP or CRM software
• When hours are recorded in your timesheet software transfer them to your payroll software


Steps to set up a workflow

You set up a ConnectMyApps workflow from within CloudManager using the Workflow Wizard. In this example we will continue onto Step 2 in the Workflow Wizard process, assuming we have already added and registered two apps, in this case 24SevenOffice ERP software and MailChimp email marketing software.

1. Click the arrow to the right of the box called Your Workflow to open the dropdown menu of available workflows for that pair of apps.
2. Choose the workflow you want to set up first from the list of available options, in this case Subscribe Companies.

Set up a ConnectMyApps workflow 2

Choose the workflow from the options available

3. Click Next Step

Each workflow needs to be set up and saved individually by completing all the steps in the Workflow Wizard before you can add a second workflow. However, once you have chosen a workflow in Step 2 you can click Next Step until you reach Step 6 and save your workflow. Once a workflow is set up and saved you can go back to edit it later, for example changing the data mappings, filters or customizations.

Setting up additional workflows
1. If there is more than one workflow available for this pair of apps, you can add additional workflows by clicking the Workflows tab in the left hand menu.
2. Click the green New+ button.
3. This takes you to Step 1 of the Workflow Wizard where you choose the applications you want to connect.
4. Repeat the process to set up a workflow, this time choosing the second workflow you want.

Editing or Deleting workflows
1. To edit or delete an existing workflow, click the Workflows tab in the left hand menu.
2. Click the Options box to the right of the workflow you want to change.
3. This gives you a dropdown box with options including Mapping & Logic, Edit Name Tag and Delete. Select the appropriate option.

Set up a ConnectMyApps workflow - editing

Click the Options box from the Workflow menu to edit or delete a workflow

To see the workflows currently available click on the application logos on our If the workflow you want is not listed please use the Suggestion form at