As ConnectMyApps is a relatively new type of service, we wanted to give a short explanation of how it works. So here goes!

ConnectMyApps is an application integration platform. Put simply, it lets you connect the software programs you use to manage tasks such as invoicing, sending email, running the payroll or doing your bookkeeping / accounts. Our focus is on small and medium sized businesses, and everything we do, including the low price, easy set up, and the apps we integrate, is designed with the needs of SMEs in mind.

If you manage or work in an SME, you will probably recognize the problems of disconnected software apps, such as retyping invoices from your CRM and entering details into your accounting software, or manually entering sales from a webshop or POS (point of sale) system into another system.

Until now, if you wanted to integrate your various systems to automate these tasks, you usually needed to pay for expensive custom integration development (we’ll write another post on the options for integration or read more in this free ebook), but now with ConnectMyApps, you have an easy, affordable alternative that still has the flexibility to suit your individual business processes.

We have done this by building ready-made integrations between popular business applications. We will go into more detail on how this is done technically in a later post. For each of these integrations, there is a set of available ‘workflows’, which is the data or records you want sent from one app to another.

ConnectMyApps v3 workflow examples

Example of selecting a workflow between two integrated apps

For example, you may want to have the details of new customers who order through your webshop transferred into your CRM application. Another example is you may want contact details for customers in your CRM system synchronized with the customer record in your accounting program, so if you update the address field in your CRM, it will automatically update the same customer’s address in your accounts.

To get set up, you need to register the apps you want to connect from the list of available ones (you can suggest a new app to add), then select the relevant workflows you want to run. Once that is done, you can schedule the workflows to run in the background every 5 or 10 minutes, without you needing to do anything. ConnectMyApps also has powerful customization options allowing you to tweak workflows to suit your needs, giving you the flexibility of custom-built integrations at a fraction of the cost and time.