The ski season is approaching and a company located in Burfjord (pop. 600), a small town north of Troms in Norway, is getting ready to equip enthusiastic skiers from all over the planet. During the winter there is no sunlight for two months at Burfjord, and the need for good light equipment while skiing is absolutely vital. That’s how Bjarte Hollevik got the idea that the demand of good light equipment could mean business and started Moonlight Mountain Gear AS.

“Since we live at 70 degrees North and the sun is gone, yes totally gone for around two months during winter, we need headlamps!”

Hi Bjarte! What does your business do?

We produce  the worlds strongest headlamps, the lightest ski line on the market and some unique ski bindings. Everything is designed and developed in Norway.

When did the business start?

The business was started back in 2014 in Burfjord, at 70 degrees north in Norway.

What inspired you to start your business?

I just wanted solid products that matched the condition of our nature, but I could not find them anywhere. The solution was to start making them myself. Since we live at 70 degrees north and the sun is gone, yes totally gone for around 2 months during winter, we need headlamps! We have 2 hours of blue light from the horizon every day. That’s it. If you still want to go out and do activities you need a headlamp, and I like them to be strong. I could not find a lamp that kept its power and didn’t overheat, which led us to make Moonlight lamps.

Moonlight Mountain Gear headlamp in action.

How many people does your business employ today?

We have five employees in the business today.

What is the secret of your success or the best business decision you made?

To develop the lamps with ICE tech inside. That made the lamps the only one on the market that can keep their lumen constant and deliver true power throughout its battery life. Before I made this I tested several lamps. Even true high end lamps overheated during winter activities.

What was the biggest lesson learned or what advice would you give someone starting up?

Patience and know that your product is wanted by more than just yourself. That together with finding the right team to work with is crucial.

Which apps do you connect and how has it helped your business?

When new orders get created in Shopify they are transferred to Tripletex. Super vital to keep a good workflow and it saves us a lot of time.


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