Month: September 2014

What to look for in an email marketing app for small business

Despite the growth in social media, email marketing is still an important and effective way to communicate with both customers and new sales prospects. An email marketing system will allow you to upload mailing lists, develop emails and send them … Read more

Video interview with Luke Buckley Part 8: ConnectMyApps customer examples & what’s next


In the final video of our interview series with Luke Buckley, he describes how one of our small business retail customers saves 3-5 days each month by connecting their webshop, accounting and stock control software. He also discussed the … Read more

BusinessMinded: Use gamification to increase sales

In this BusinessMinded article, Sindre Haaland from Dogu AS, gives practical advice and tips on how to motivate your staff using gamification. 

Gamification is a hot topic today and I will try to explain what it is, why it … Read more

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