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Video interview with Luke Buckley Part 3: How ConnectMyApps started

In the third video of our interview series with Luke Buckley, he explains how ConnectMyApps started and how a former colleague who needed help integrating two applications helped it go from a passion to a business.

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Feature: Customizing software integrations

At ConnectMyApps, we believe one size should not have to fit all, so we have built in features for customizing software integrations.

In our experience, most businesses have some unique processes or ways they record information in their different systems. … Read more

BusinessMinded: Hiring Staff – how to ensure you get it right

Introducing the ConnectMyApps BusinessMinded series, our weekly blog post on issues important to SMEs, written by experts in the field.  In this post, Astrid Warmington gives advice for SMEs on hiring staff, based on her experience working in talent acquisition … Read more

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