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TheConnectedBusiness: Gstove AS

Gstove AS is a family business established in 2015 that consists of people who love the outdoors and who take every opportunity to get into nature. We talked to Robin Sveen, CEO of Gstove AS.

“Results are only created by

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TheConnectedBusiness: Moonlight Mountain Gear AS

The ski season is approaching and a company located in Burfjord (pop. 600), a small town north of Troms in Norway, is getting ready to equip enthusiastic skiers from all over the planet. During the winter there is no sunlight … Read more

TheConnectedBusiness: Nettsport

Nettsport sells equipment for shooting sports, including air guns and camouflage equipment. We talked to Espen Haaland, the founder of Nettsport.

“Use applications that help you save time. A good application can quickly save you a year worth of work.”

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