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How to: Customize your integrations with advanced customization tools

Conditional logic, sometimes called ‘if this, then that’ rules, is an advanced customization tool that lets you customize your integrations. This lets you tailor workflows to fit even complex business processes.

In this example we will use 24SevenOffice ERP software … Read more

Video interview with Luke Buckley Part 6: How ConnectMyApps is unique


In the sixth video of our interview series with Luke Buckley, he explains how ConnectMyApps is unique compared to other software application integration platforms in three key ways: the depth of the integrations; the customization tools allowing users to … Read more

How to: Set data filters for your workflows

In some cases you might want to filter out certain data so it is not transferred from one program to another. ConnectMyApps lets you set data filters, which exclude records from being transferred in a workflow according to criteria you … Read more

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