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Registering and authenticating applications in ConnectMyApps

To allow ConnectMyApps to ‘talk’ to your software, you need to authenticate it when registering the app. This is the first step in the Workflow Wizard, and tells the application that ConnectMyApps has permission to access it.

The authentication … Read more

What to look for when choosing a software integration platform: Part 3

In the third and final part of our article on what to look for when choosing a software integration platform, we discuss pricing, support, partners and more.

Is the pricing transparent and predictable?
Application integration platforms for small businesses generally … Read more

Improvements in the new version of ConnectMyApps

Our vision for ConnectMyApps is to be the most powerful, and at the same time, easiest to use integration platform for small and mid-size businesses. A big task no doubt, but something we believe we have achieved. As part of … Read more

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