TheConnectedBusiness: Spraytanhuset

In this customer profile, we meet Natalie Müller and Janne Hegna, owners and founders of Spraytanhuset (”The Spraytan House”).

Hi Natalie and Janne! Can you tell us what your business does?
Natalie: We provide organic spraytan and ecological self-tanning … Read more

TheConnectedBusiness: Garnkurven

In the first of our series of customer profiles, we meet Hanne Solhaug, owner of Norwegian e-commerce company Garnkurven (”The Knitting Basket”).


Hi Hanne! Can you tell us what your business does?
I sell yarn, needles and accessories for … Read more

How to connect your point of sale with your webshop

Managing stock between your retail and online stores can be tricky. Point of sale (POS) software is what retailers with brick and mortar shops use to process their day-to-day sales. Until recently, the most popular system in use has been … Read more

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